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Baby Jake
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Original Title:Baby Jake
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Runtime: 15 min.

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Baby Jake is a children's television programme originally broadcast in the UK and first aired on 4 July 2011. The programme features Jake, a nine-month old baby. Jake is the youngest of ten children all living in a windmill with their parents. Each episode features Jake embarking on an adventure with a host of magical characters including Pengy Quin the Penguin, Toot Toot the Tractor, the Rocket Ship, Captain Spacey and the Hamsternauts, Nibbles the Rabbit, Sydney the Monkey, and, of course, Magic Baby Jake, himself. The show features a child narrator and all ten children are depicted in real life, although Baby Jake is given a multi-angle photographic face on an animated body. Jake's babbling is translated by his 5-year old brother Isaac. Isaac is voiced by a real-life 5-year-old boy, in a move described by the Guardian as "a risk" since the majority of successful children's television is narrated by adults. The roles of Jake and Isaac are portrayed by real-life brothers Adamo and Franco Bertacchi-Morroni respectively, with Kaizer Akhtar providing the voice of Isaac. The programme cost £1.85m to produce, and was funded by the Irish Film Board and CBeebies. Darrall Macqueen Ltd and JAM Media co-produced the series. JAM Media are an Irish animation studio who also made Tilly and Friends. Maddy Darrall was quoted by the Metro as gaining inspiration for the show from watching her 7-year-old nephew understanding her 1-year-old son.


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