Cross Of Iron Soundtrack The Massacre HD
Cross Of Iron Soundtrack The Massacre
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Cross Of Iron Soundtrack The Massacre

Runtime: 00:4:8
Published on May 07, 2014
Cross of Iron 1977

Directed by Sam Peckinpah
Music by Ernest Gold

Main cast
James Coburn as Sergeant Rolf Steiner
Maximilian Schell as Captain Stransky
James Mason as Colonel Brandt
David Warner as Captain Kiesel
Klaus Löwitsch as Corporal Krüger
Vadim Glowna as Private Kern
Roger Fritz as Lieutenant Triebig
Dieter Schidor as Private Anselm
Burkhard Driest as Private Maag
Fred Stillkrauth as Lance Corporal Reisenauer
Michael Nowka as Private Dietz
Véronique Vendell as Marga
Arthur Brauss as Private Zoll
Senta Berger as Eva
Igor Galo as Lieutenant Meyer
Slavko Stimac as Russian Boy
Demeter Bitenc as Capt. Pucher
Vladan Zivkovic as Wolf
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