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Murder Ahoy (1964) - Trailer
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Murder Ahoy (1964) - Trailer

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Published on Feb 22, 2012
Shiver me timbers - the dreadnought with good manners returns!

"Murder Ahoy" was the last of the four Miss Marple films produced by MGM in the sixties (not counting Rutherford and Davis's in-character cameo appearances in "The Alphabet Murders").

To date, it is the only film based on an Agatha Christie character but featuring a non-Christie plot - I would disagree with that, having seen the recent television "Marple" adaptations of "Nemesis" and "Why Didn't They Ask Evans?" - did the writers even read the novels in those examples?

"Murder Ahoy" does, however, borrow plot elements from "They Do It With Mirrors" and includes murder by "Mousetrap", a nod to the title of Christie's long-running (and now world-record breaking) play.

Christie was not pleased that MGM had chosen to film their own original plot and fit in Miss Marple, feeling that if the company could be so carefree with their treatment of the character, why could they not concoct their own mystery plots for the films and have Rutherford play an original character e.g. Miss Sampson (a subconcious nod to Dorothy L. Sayer's character, Miss Climpson, perhaps?)

Most reviewers are dismissive of this entry (from memory, Halliwell's Film Guide refers to it as "all chat and no interest") but along with "Murder Most Foul", it is the series' high point for me. I imagine this is largely down to the cast, to my mind the best assembled for the Miss Marple films.

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